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Eat Feeding Therapy will help you and your child on your feeding journey, wherever you are starting and whatever your goal.


We are experts in feeding and swallowing difficulties in children from birth to school age. We help you to feed your baby whether it be via the breast or bottle, beginning to eat solids, or increasing the range of foods your older child enjoys.



About Mandy

Paediatric Speech-language Therapist

Mandy is a Speech-language Therapist with a specialty in feeding disorders. She has 17 years experience working with children with feeding difficulties, of which 15 years have been spent working at Starship Children's Health.


Speech-language Therapists

Why a Speech Therapist?

Speech-language Therapists are experts in the assessment of the anatomy and physiology of feeding. Speech-language therapists use their specialist skills to assess:

- cranial nerves

- oral motor anatomy and skills

- oral sensory skills

- pharyngeal swallow

- oesophagel phase

- physiolgical response to feeding

- psychosocial responses to feeding

- general development

The results of the assessment indicate what treatment options would suit your child and/or if onward referrals are required. Recommendations may include strategies that you can complete independently at home, a block of therapy with a SLT in person or online, a referral to a more appropriate service provider or further medical investigations.



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